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Lakeside Wills & Financial Services Ltd is an appointed representative of New Leaf (WWF) Ltd. Registered in England 7891401. Registered Address: Princess Caroline House, 1 High Street, 1st Floor, Southend on Sea SS1 1JE

Newleaf Will Writers Federation are keen to ensure that each Newleaf Adviser delivers their services to the highest standards within the profession and in compliance with their code of conduct, which includes providing each client with this TOB letter.
The purpose of your TOB is to explain the rights and obligations of your Newleaf Adviser and to you the client, when entering into a mutually binding contract for a Will (or a trust written in a will), LPA or Trust the terms of which will be governed by English law.
The Newleaf Adviser’s obligations:
A. Newleaf Advisers usually operate a two visit process, the first of which will be to take your written instructions and agree terms and prices. Prior to that meeting he/she will have provided you with information guides and instruction form(s) to complete. In some cases this may not be appropriate and will depend upon the case and timescales available.
B. The second visit is to deliver your completed documents, explain them to you, and check they meet your requirements. If also agreed the Adviser will supervise the signing of the documents with your chosen witnesses, and where required act as your Certificate Provider.
C. Any advice given by your New Leaf Adviser is based on his/her understanding of current law, practices and procedures and he/she is not responsible for any consequences arising from any future changes in law, practices or procedures.
D. Your New Leaf Adviser reserves the right to withdraw from any transaction if she/he is unable to complete this in whole or in part, but in so doing will notify you, and you will not be liable to pay any fees.
E. The costs of correcting any error or omission caused by your Newleaf Adviser shall be borne entirely by the Newleaf Adviser.
F. Your Newleaf Adviser will retain a permanent copy (electronic/digital and/or paper) of your signed instruction form(s). It will be the clients responsibility to retain their Will and or LPA(s) and for this purpose professional storage is strongly recommended.

Your obligations:
A. It is desirable prior to the New Leaf Advisers first visit you will have confirmed that you have full details to hand of your nominated executors, attorneys, beneficiaries etc.
B. The Newleaf Adviser is not responsible for any consequences or losses arising from inaccurate or incomplete information provided by you.
C. You will be liable for any re-write of any document, or similar expense your Newleaf Adviser incurs from any omission or error on your part.
D. To read through the completed documents provided and to confirm that they correctly reflect your wishes and the accuracy of all information provided.
E. If you agree to use an attestation service offered by your Newleaf Adviser, you need to arrange for the witnesses to be present. Your Newleaf Adviser reserves the right to make a reasonable charge for waiting time in the event that people are not present when required.
F. Where documents have to be sent other parties for signature, such as your LPA Attorney forms, it will be the client’s responsibility to ensure their speedy return. Any such delays that prevent the Newleaf Adviser from fulfilling any pre-agreed time schedule will be the responsibility of the client.

Your New Leaf Adviser is committed to providing your documents in a timely manner, but special arrangements can be negotiated between you and the Adviser if a faster delivery time is required.
a) If you are not happy with any aspect of service provided by the Newleaf Adviser, you should first of all contact The Compliance Manager, New Leaf Will Writers Federation, in writing at the following address: New Leaf Will Writers Federation, Princess Caroline House, High Street, Southend on Sea, Essex SS1 1JE
b) The Compliance Manager will acknowledge your letter within 3 working days of receipt and then investigate the circumstances of your complaint and write to you with the results of his investigation within a further 28 days. If you are not happy with the results of his investigation you will be provided with details of independent Solicitors practice that have agreed to act as Arbiters to help you and the New Leaf Will Writers Federation reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.
c) These complaints procedures do not prevent you from seeking other means of redress

I'm just writing to thank-you for sorting out the Lasting Power of Attorney for my Mother. We found you to be very professional and you took the time to explain to Mum everything in laymen's terms so mum understood it all. It was also less stressful for mum as you came to her home. Thank you again for your wonderful service, we will certainly recommend you to our friends.

Mrs L Hoult, Coalville, Leicestershire

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